Logo Elements

October 9, 2009 at 3:20 am (Final Logo and Branding)

Tone it up

Logo – ‘Tone it up’ the type direction fits the up in the name.

Icon – stylised woman doing a flexible pose. Appealing because women would like to be this flexible. Also she’s detailed without being too realistic and over the top as an icon – will allow for the logo to be quite small without distortion.

Type – the main font for ‘Tone it up’ is Gill Sans Ultra Bold – it is simple, neat and fairly formal. It is fitting with the branding being ‘toned’ in a way, not all over the joint like a handwriting font.
For ‘Womens Fitness Centre’ I have used Century Gothic in all lowercase. It’s fairly fine and petite, also fitting with being ‘toned’ and ‘feminine’.

Colours – I have chosen pink and purple for the main colours for the branding. These colours are feminine and soft on the eyes.
In the campaigns- posters, ads, merch, etc. these colours will be mixed with black and white. These colours together are crisp, clean and classy as well as making it more modern.


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